I am a stubborn Vietnamese nationalist. You must understand that China’s strength is completely unparalleled compared to Vietnam. What does China have? Look at it:



Nuclear weapons determine its strength. China has it, Vietnam does not. The number of Chinese troops is much larger than that of Vietnam, and it is also large. Vietnam is like a little mouse, trying to compete with a huge war elephant.


China has better technological advantages than Vietnam. China’s military high-tech is usually considered the most advanced and effective country, and if they use cutting-edge technology to fight, Vietnam has no chance of winning.


China’s ground forces also include more professionally trained heavy troops and Heavy tank, even tanks and armored vehicles. China’s ballistic power is larger than Vietnam’s. It also has greater strategic ballistic missile capabilities.



If they want to bomb Vietnam, China’s air force has an advantage. China can even produce its own jets, helicopters, and even drones. As long as the Chinese navy has better morale and assault tactics, they can blockade Vietnam at any time, and most importantly, they have aircraft carriers.


China has everything to prepare for the war with Vietnam. They are bigger, they are stronger, and they have a larger economic scale. Everyone knows that if we fight directly against China, Vietnam will lose.


Unless Vietnam engages in an ancient and dangerous Guerrilla warfare with China, China will certainly suffer huge losses, and the Chinese army cannot quickly replace it. Our 3000 year history lesson, from the ancient Van Lang Au Lac Kingdom to modern times, suggests that invaders can come to Vietnam, but they will not return without paying a fatal price. We tasted the sweetness.

除非,如果越南与中国进行古老而危险的游击战,中国肯定会遭受巨大的损失,而中国军队无法迅速剿灭我们。我们3000年的历史教训,从古代的Van Lang-Au Lac王国到现代表明,入侵者可以来到越南,但他们不会不付出致命的代价就回去的,我们尝到了游击战、丛林战的甜头。


Although Vietnam may not match China in any specific military details, it has a good intelligence structure, excellent engineers, and a continuous increase in domestic military products. Moreover, the most important thing is the spirit of the Vietnamese people on the battlefield. In addition, Vietnam’s mountainous territory will be another issue, and tropical diseases will make them extremely uncomfortable.


Of course, I know whether Vietnam can persist depends on the war situation, but the United States, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, France, and India will definitely intervene. Other Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar will also be shocked. Thailand will not allow the war to develop to such an extent.


In short, Vietnam will definitely not win a direct war, but if Chinese ground troops come, we can hold them back enough time. There will definitely be a very painful and bloody conflict.


However, in any case, the war between China and Vietnam will only increase the suffering and huge losses of the Vietnamese nation.


Even if something happens, no one can hold their ground. This war will not benefit anyone. Vietnam has fought enough, and China has its own affairs, so a war like this will kill everyone.


Let’s hope no one tries to provoke war, unless you think you can do anything you want. No one is a winner.



越南网友Thang Luu的回答

This question looks like you made Vietnam kill his brother and also kill ourselves.


1. In theory. If Vietnam decides to engage in war with China, it must establish or join a strong alliance of allies to confront China (including the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, ASEAN countries, the European Union, etc.). If this happens, China can be defeated within three years.

1. 从理论上讲。如果越南决定与中国开战,越南必须要建立或加入一个强大的盟国联盟来对抗中国(其联盟包括美国、印度、日本、韩国、澳大利亚、东盟国家、欧盟等),如果这种情况发生,中国可以在3年内被打败。

However, this is also a kind of suicide for Vietnam. Our country will be severely damaged and lose a lot of lives. Vietnam will return to the Stone Age, and we will lose all the achievements we have made in the past 19 years.


No one in Vietnam wants to fight, and few small countries dare to provoke superpowers crazily. Many people believe that China can conquer Vietnam through a comprehensive attack today, but in this situation, both countries will lose, but we will lose more. Vietnam has always been a threat to China.


In reality. Today, there are only two powerful Communist state, and China is still a superpower. We can have good comrades, many trade, and the same borders. They can travel to our country. Why should we wage war against our comrades?

2. 在现实中。今天只有两个强大的社会主义国家,而中国仍然是超级大国,我们可以有很好的同志,有很多贸易,有相同的边界,他们可以去我们的国家旅游,我们为什么要对我们的同志发动战争?

There are only some disputes at sea, and I think our government can discuss and peacefully resolve them. Another good thing is that China and Vietnam have signed a peace treaty and do not use military force to solve the problem.


If you really want to defeat China, we just need to bring our football team to China to play (provided that Park Hengrui can accompany the team).



海外网友Khalid Elhassan的回答

Unfortunately for Vietnam, in both cases of Vietnam invading China (which is such a foolish behavior) and China attacking Vietnam, Vietnam will lose, 100% of the time.


For Vietnam’s invasion of China, it would be an immediate suicide.


Guangdong has a larger population than Demographics of Vietnam. Guangdong alone is wealthier than Russia. This requires genius military capabilities similar to those of the Mongol era to win. The Vietnamese army is very good, but not as good.


In Chinese history, China has been successfully invaded three times.


The first time was due to the advanced military strategy and tactics of the Mongolian army. By the way, they also invaded the entire Eastern Europe and Middle East region.


The second time was during the Ming Dynasty, due to the instability of the country, continuous rebellion, and corruption in the court. Even so, they still need a successful domestic rebel and a traitor general to complete this task.


The third time was during the Qing Dynasty, due to the advanced weapons technology of European countries and (equally) continuous rebellions.


These conditions are not applicable to the situation of this era.


Similar to the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979, China will bring more infantry and artillery.



The same happened in World War II, when Germany confronted the Soviet Union and the United States. As is well known, the German army has better tanks, better infantry quality, and even better generals. The problem is that they lost one tank and lost one, while the Soviet Union and the United States could transport another tank with all personnel to replace it. There are still many issues in this regard, but logistics played a crucial role in defeating Germany.


I imagine that after a period of time, the war will become stalemate, and then Vietnamese society will eventually collapse on its own.


The United States will vigorously criticize China in United Nations forums. They may provide enough ammunition to support Vietnam’s survival and continuation (as they did after the Ukrainian War of Independence). I would rather die than live this kind of life.


Fortunately for the people, the cost of the Sino-Vietnamese War is unbearable for China and Vietnam.



海外网友Jail Sulrei的回答

I won’t talk about the old saying that the Vietnamese military’s business leads to corruption. Let’s first look at the military expenditure of the Vietnamese army, which was 6.4 billion US dollars in 2021, and the military expenditure of China was 209 billion US dollars in 2021. If we calculate the armed police or other paramilitary forces according to some statistical standards, China’s military expenditure would reach 250 to 270 billion US dollars. Vietnam’s military spending is far from comparable to China’s, and its proportion to GDP is already higher than China’s.


① The Vietnamese military has a large number of personnel, up to 500000, resulting in a large amount of military expenditure being spent on personnel expenses, and the funds for weapons procurement are very tight. But Vietnam had to maintain a large number of soldiers because it lacked depth.



② The weapons industry is backward. Vietnam used to be the eighth largest importer of weapons in the world, mainly buying large items such as submarines and fighter jets. However, with Vietnam’s economic strength, it is obvious that it cannot make large-scale purchases every year.


The final state presented by the Vietnamese army was a small amount of advanced equipment with a large number of old and dilapidated equipment, and they were even using T34….


Unlike what many people imagine, the advanced equipment of the Vietnamese army is not aimed at China, as it is not as advanced as the Chinese side. The first wave of war disappeared, and they used this to deter other countries in Southeast Asia. The huge amount of tattered equipment is against us. Yes, the consistent idea of the Vietnamese army is to use the People’s war to deal with the possible “invasion” of the northern powers, and use a lot of cheap equipment to resist layer by layer, killing the northern powers in the jungle and paddy fields.


So when I see nonsense about Vietnam and Russia cruising to threaten China, I really don’t want to laugh. If Vietnam uses equipment with some technology, then the target is definitely not China, because even if it has technology, it is not as good as China’s technology. Moreover, the better things are bought, and the Vietnamese army cannot afford to lose. When Vietnam mobilizes, that is the target for China.


The current situation of the Vietnamese army is not good, and their successors are still weak. They currently lack channels to obtain advanced weapons. In the past, Japan and South Korea could still rely on their American dad to scare China with some advanced equipment. Vietnam has never had this fate, but it’s okay. Now, the guys in Japan and South Korea’s hands are no longer good.


China’s continuous progress in equipment has made it difficult for neighboring countries to compete and consume. Yes, weapons have a lifespan, especially advanced equipment, whether warships or aircraft, which needs to be maintained. If China insists on playing with you and constantly depleting the lifespan of your equipment, there is basically nothing you can do. Without independent military industry, once the lifespan of weapons is depleted, it cannot be replenished.


Those who praise Vietnam talk about its rise and anti superpower status, not to mention its level of heavy industry, not to mention aircraft, warships, artillery, and even light weapons, which are 20 to 30 years behind China’s level. What the Yue army cannot win is a complete defeat, and what can win is a casual defeat. In this sense, the Yue army is a real monkey, with no tigers in the mountains. Monkeys are called kings.

吹捧越南的人谈及越南就是崛起,反超,也不看看越南什么样儿的重工业水平,别说飞机军舰了,大炮都 是落后中国二三十年的水平,甚至连轻武器都是菜鸡水平。 越军打不赢的是彻底打不赢,能打赢的是随便就能打赢,从这个意义上来讲,越军是真的猴子,山中无老虎,猴子称大王的猴子。